Friday, December 31, 2010

A Shout Out to Fellow Book Bloggers

One of the fun things for me this past year has been discovering the book blogging world.  So many wildly intelligent people sharing their take on books and the literary world!  My whole reading experience has been enriched reading their content.   Through their writing and recommendations I've expanded my literary comfort zone to include new genres, taken deeper pleasure in the books I've read and really feel part of the book blogging on line community. To each of them I say thanks and keep writing! I wanted to single out a few of my fellow bloggers who have been so influential in my reading/thinking (not to mention the TBR pile).

Greg at The New Dork Review of Books.  I don't think I ever commented on a blog or been part of an online discussion until I started to read Greg's blog.  Each and every post is thought provoking!

Rebecca at The Book Frog for all kinds of fun things book related and keeping us updated on what's new in the book world.

Thomas at My Porch for reviews of eclectic books that would never cross my TBR pile without his insightful reviews (and fun pics)

Rebecca at The Book Lady's Blog.  for all kinds of things - fascinating posts, insightful commenters,  the best "best of" lists - an all around great blog

Off on a Tangent for all the bookish news around presented in such a witty way

Rachel at a home between the pages for great reviews of old books and new.

The Wise Owl Review where the reviews are very good and you actually want to win the books they are giving away.

The Reading Ape for such outstanding, thoughtful content it makes me wondered why I blog!

 Happy New Year to all, and best wishes for great reading experiences in 2011!


Zibilee said...

Happy New year Kathy! I have enjoyed discovering your blog and hope to get to know you better in 2011!!

Carole said...

You didn't mention "Age 30+ - aLifetime of Books" - the one that started it all for you....

Unknown said...

Thanks for these links, I'll check them out.

I found you via Book blogs and I'm now following you.

Happy New Year

Svea Love said...

Thanks for sharing these links! I hope you have an excellent 2011 :)