Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Conflict of Interest

by Adam Mitzner, narrated by David LeDoux, Audible Audiobooks, December 2011, 11hrs, 33 min.

...a tightly plotted, face paced story with well developed characters

Alex Miller, a high powered criminal defense attorney, is the protagonist of this legal thriller.  Miller seems to have everything, an attractive wife, a child, and a partnership in one of the preeminent law firms in NYC.  After the death of his father, he takes on the legal defense of a friend of his parents, Michael Ohlig, who has been accused of securities fraud.  Ohlig is something of an enigma and as the trial progresses, Ohlig’s long standing relationship with Miller’s family is brought to light.  This relationship is the basis of the narrative.  This story becomes not only an account of the trial but a psychological drama as the complexities of the characters are examined.   Miller is the narrator of the story and we learn of his marriage, his association with a rising young associate at the firm Abby Sloan and his relationship with Ohlig. 

This is a tightly plotted, fasted paced story with a couple of subplots.  The descriptions of the jury selection, the trial and life at a major law firm are really well done.  I enjoyed all of this detail in the story although some readers might not.  The characters are well developed and very believable with their flaws and real life motives.  I’ll call this novel a page turner even though I listened to it.  This is a debut novel for Adam  Mitnzer and I believe he will be very successful in this genre.  He can write a story in the style of Scott Turow or John Grisham, so if you enjoy their work read this story.

The narration by David LeDoux was first class and added to my enjoyment of this story.

I listened to a copy of this novel that I bought


Zibilee said...

Oh, I am glad that you liked this one and that it was such a good listen for you. It sounds like something I might like too, and the fact that it moves along at a great clip is enticing to me. Thanks for sharing this review with me. It was much appreciated!

Carole said...

Loved this audio book. Great story - kept me wondering til the very end.

The narrator was a likeable character. And the reader was superb!

P.S.I am one of those readers who did feel that all of the details enriched the book.

Jen - Devourer of Books said...

I've heard good things about LeDoux's narration

Tanya Patrice said...

Ooh this one is new to me, but sounds really interesting. I'll have to bookmark this for when I'm in the mood for a good mystery.