Saturday, April 16, 2011

Save Me - Review and Giveaway

Save Me
Save Me

by Lisa Scottline, St. Martin's Press, April 2011

Scottoline fans will enjoy this one; it is a good, suspenseful read.

Save Me, Lisa Scottline’s new thriller is a disturbing book! The story centers on one decision made in a  few short minutes by a young mother during a fire at her daughter’s school. Rose McKenna, a volunteer lunch monitor, interrupts a bullying incident and addresses it with the girls involved. At that moment a fire and explosion engulf the room. McKenna has choices to make, save the girls she is with or go and rescue her own daughter. She is able to work a compromise that seems successful. Without giving away too much of the story McKenna is vilified for her decisions. Throughout most of the story McKenna is unfairly judged, hounded, and denigrated by the community. Scottoline presented this scenario so realistically right down to the use of Facebook as a public humiliation forum that it made me cringe.

The plot is vintage Scottoline – fast moving, emotional and just slightly over the top. McKenna meekly responds to the community actions until she develops a spine and become the “action hero” mom. She is finally motivated to remove the suspicion and implied guilt from her family. She investigates the fire at the school and finds that it was not accidental. A strong thread though the story is the love of a mother for a child and how it drives her actions. The character descriptions, as always, are right on the money. With a well chosen phrase Scottoline is able to bring to life her characters.

The author has left behind downtown Philadelphia as her setting and moved to the suburbs for this story (as I think she has done in real life). I personally miss the Philadelphia scene; those descriptions were always right on the money. Scottoline fans will enjoy this one; it is a good, suspenseful read.

I have one copy of this book to give away.  If you'd like it take a look at the rules in the column just to the right of this post and leave you email address in the comments section.  The giveaway closes at midnight on April 24th.

I read a copy of this book provided by the author.


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