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Strong Justice

Strong Justice: A Caitlin Strong Novel
Strong Justice: A Caitlin Strong Novel

by Jon Land
June 2010
Forge Books

(Spoilers here) This book is the second in a series that features fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong. Most of the characters in this book were introduced in the first of the series, Strong Enough to Die. I’d strongly recommend that you read that book first. I did not and struggled to understand the background and motivation of some of the characters. The story opens with Caitlin Strong investigating murders of Mexican girls on the Texas/Mexico border. A serial killer, Marcielo is the target of her investigation. Caitlin saves a kidnapped Mexican girl, Maria Lopez from the serial killer. Subplots abound! A billionaire, Hollis Tyree is drilling for water and finding something completely different. People living near the drilling site are acting strangely and committing violent acts. Strong is accompanied by Cort Wesley, an ex-convict and Special Forces veteran who is also her love interest. A shadowy character, Paz, lurks in the background playing the part of Caitlin’s protecting angel. Colonel Montoya, a Mayan rebel plans terrorist attacks on the United States. If all of this wasn’t complicated enough we are given flashbacks scenes from Caitlin’s Texas Ranger grandfather and great grandfather, including a description of the Texas Rangers versus the Al Capone gangsters in the 1930s. The good guys prevail as Caitlin, Cort and Paz thwart all of the bad guys in their attempts to terrorize citizens in the US and Mexico; the body counts are really very overwhelming.

This was one of the most complicated police procedurals that I’ve ever read, but the author just pulls it off in my opinion. Several things that I enjoyed about this book were: 1) Caitlin Strong is a smart Old West type police officer and a great character with depth and passion 2) all of the Texas Ranger history was fun to read and enhanced the story 3) the multi-generational story was a plus even though it added to the complexity of an already complex story. Some of the things I though could stand improvement were: 1) without reading the first book I was clueless about why a Texas Ranger would take up with an ex convict and also what the motivation was for Paz to become Caitlin’s protector 2) too many sub plots, I left out many of them in my review 3) too much gratuitous violence. All said though if you like police procedurals with a slightly historical twist this might be for you.

This review is part of a book blog tour organized by Gaby at Starting Fresh.  This is my first book blog tour, so welcome all who have come for it!  To learn more about the author Jon Land go to his home page.

Jon Land is the acclaimed author of numerous bestsellers, including The Seven Sins, The Last Prophecy, Blood Diamonds, The Walls of Jericho, The Pillars of Solomon, A Walk in the Darkness, Keepers of the Gate, and The Blue Widows. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

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