Saturday, June 26, 2010

Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy

by Cornelia Read
Grand Central Publishing
March, 2010

I usually choose books either through recommendations or because they are written by an author I’ve enjoyed in the past. This one I picked off the library shelf because I liked the blurb on the back. Bad move. This was a story that was not terribly well put together. The main character, Maddie Dare is a wise cracking, down on the heels NYC debutante. Her character is fairly well developed and likeable. The dialogue in this story is good with very contemporary social references. The main plot concerns the finding of a body of a murdered three year old boy in an abandoned cemetery in Queens. There are no surprises in this who-donnit, the murderers are easily recognized and the story plods along in an uncomplicated way. Maddie’s relationships to police and prosecutors involved in the case defy belief. All become good friends! The secondary plot, an old friend of Maddie who appears to be sinking into madness is tangential to everything else that is going on and not developed enough to make anyone care about it. There is an epilogue that made little sense to me.

I considered not writing this review because I really didn’t like this book and hate to post a review that is this negative but I have committed to reviewing every book I read so here it is.

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